• This year I am offering my workshops in two beautiful locations in Southern Spain. The theme of the workshops is ‘Food & Travel’.
    There will be two in the wonderful FINCA BUENVINO in May and October, and two on the beautiful Costa de la Luz in March and November.
    Read on for more details:
    5 Night Food & Travel Photography Workshops in Cadiz, Southern Spain.
    21st March – 26th March & 21st – 26th November 2014
  • The year kicks off with a workshop in a new location, the beautiful Costa de la Luz in the province of CADIZ.
    ­­­These workshops, as with all my others, concentrate on Food & Travel Photography. They are a ‘hands-on’ experience and I will be working alongside you, instructing you all the way. There is no ‘level’ expected as I firmly believe that we all learn from working alongside other photographers no matter what their level of experience.
    We will be based in ROCHE, approximately 15kms from the city of Cadiz. Our accommodation is the beautiful CASA ALMADRABA, three minutes walk from one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Europe on the COSTA DE LA LUZ.
    As befits our setting, the workshop will be based around FISH.
  • We will visit the beautiful and historic fish markets in Cadiz & Jerez, meet local fishermen, photograph the ports and produce, including the famous ‘Almadraba’ tuna fleet in BARBATE. Eat tapas and drink sherry at some of the wonderful local bars and restaurants, meet and photograph some chefs in the area and, every evening have the produce we have purchased that day prepared for us by a local cook. We will also take time to visit some of the beautiful White Villages (Cadiz’s famous PUEBLOS BLANCOS).
    Composition & styling, two subjects that so many people are scared of, will be comprehensively dealt with. As you can imagine, the photographic possibilities are endless.
    In the afternoons (after lunch and a siesta) we will concentrate on the all important ‘post-production’ side of photography. Using mainly LIGHTROOM, combined with PHOTOSHOP, I will show you some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ to take your photography to the next level, as well as dealing with the all important, but often neglected business of editing.
    Why not join me and benefit from my thirty years experience as a photographer whilst eating wonderful food and visiting amazing locations?
    Contact me for a  more detailed itinerary, but, in the meantime here are some basics.
    Arrival: We will include pick up from the airport in JEREZ (daily flights from UK)
    Accomodation: Casa Almadraba has 5 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms. The course is limited to 5 people and non-participating partners can be accommodated for an extra fee.
    Food & drink: The price of the workshop includes breakfast, tapas lunch and dinner cooked in the villa for 5 nights.
    Transport: All transport is included. If you wish to return to the airport at a time that does not coincide with the rest of the group, this would be charged extra.
    So…basically, everything is included apart from your airfares (to Jerez). Couldn’t be simpler!
    The all inclusive price per person is €1650.00 (+10% IVA/VAT)
  • 5 Night Food & Travel Photography workshops at FINCA BUENVINO in the Sierra de Aracena, Southern Spain.
    20th-24th May & 7th-11th October 2014
  • These workshops held at the beautiful FINCA BUENVINO are ideal for photographers of any level who want to take their photography on to the next step.
    We will be shooting a wide variety of disciplines and I will attempt to take you out of your comfort zone, whilst learning about technique, both 'in the camera' and in the wild reaches of 'post production'.
    The workshop will take in everything from still life, through food photography, landscapes & portraits. Here we will indulge in two of my favourite pastimes - photography, and eating & drinking in some of Spains finest tapas bars.
    These workshops are ideal whether you are a dedicated food photographer/blogger or not.
    We will work closely with award-winning cook and hostess Jeannie, whose knowledge and love of Andalucian cuisine shines through in the beautiful food she has served up at Finca Buenvino for the last 25 years.
  • We will not only photograph the prepared food, but also work with the amazing produce from the organic vegetable garden that serves as a larder for Jeannie’s cooking. We will visit local producers and restaurants to get a feel for the local produce that this beautiful region is justly renowned for.
    I will show you how to use natural light to your advantage. How to tame it and make it work for you. How to use reflectors and diffusers to make the most of your photographs and to keep the 'natural' look so important in food photography these days.
    Alongside the food, we will visit many of the beautiful villages nearby in the SIERRA de ARACENA and photograph both place and people extensively.
    As with all my workshops the price includes ALL EXPENSES (apart from airfares) Full bed and board, and amazing food cooked by Jeannie including wine.
    Included in the price is:
    Arrival: We will include pick up from a pre-determined point in SEVILLE (daily flights from UK)
    Accomodation: The course is limited to 5 people and non-participating partners can be accommodated for an extra fee. All rooms are en-suite
    Food & drink: The price of the workshop includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 nights.
    Transport: All transport is included. If you wish to return to the airport at a time that does not coincide with the rest of the group, this would be charged extra.
    Again, please contact me for a more detaied itinerary.
    The all inclusive price per person is €1500.00 (+10% IVA/VAT)
    Not a dedicated food photographer? Worried that it will all be twiddly pictures of cupcakes?
    Wanting to take your food photography to the next level and not sure how?
    Simply wanting to spend some time taking beautiful pictures in a beautiful location whilst honing your skills?
  • My philosophy is simple…you will never be able to improve your food photography skills until you improve your PHOTOGRAPHY skills. After all, what IS food photography? Here’s something I wrote in ‘Black & White Photography Magazine’ about the subject:
    "What, exactly IS food photography?
    Well…in the ‘food photography’ workshops I run, this is the main point I’m trying to get everyone to think about.
    Ok, a plate of cooked food, alongside a recipe is definitely ‘food photography’. And how about the raw food, before its cooked? Well, I guess that’s ‘food photography’ as well, right?
    Ok, so how about a beautiful picture of a clove of garlic, on an antique linen background? Well, yes, I suppose so, but it’s verging towards still life isn’t it?
    And how about the field where that garlic was grown? In Gascony. At dawn…with the sunlight just hitting the tops of the young garlic, ready to be harvested? Yeah, ok, but isn’t it landscape photography really?
    And the picture of the farmer who grew the garlic, arms bulging with a huge bundle of freshly picked produce? Well, OBVIOUSLY a portrait!
    And the picture of the farmer’s grandmother sitting in the outhouse at the farm, studiously plaiting the leaves to make the beautiful bunches of spring garlic the family have been selling at the local market for the last fifty years?
    A portrait too I hear you cry! But, all these pictures are in the ‘food photography’ section on my website."
    So…whether you are a dedicated food photographer or not, these workshops will help you take your photography on to the next level.
  • Love the idea of my workshops, but want to go somewhere else? Maybe you and some friends want to organise one together? Want to spend some time simply working on your Lightroom skills? Want to work with me one-to-one? Want to go on a photography trip somewhere special but not sure where to start???
    The answer is easy. Contact me with your thoughts and I’ll come up with a package to suit you. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to learn.
  • Check out this beautiful Blog post about his time spent on one of my workshops by the top food blogger DAVID LEBOVITZ HERE.
    And read what JENN OLIVER of the influential 'Jenn Cuisine' blog had to say HERE & HERE.
    And read these lovely testimonials:
    "Being taught by Tim Clinch felt like a rare treat. 

    He was not only extremely informative and helpful in progressing all our camera skills, whatever our levels, but he was also kind, patient and extremely good fun.

    I’d go on another of his courses like a shot."
    THOMASINA MIERS -  Masterchef winner and owner of Wahaca Restaurants in London
    "I can hardly believe it's been more than two weeks since The Food photography workshop in Andalucia, Spain with photographer and very patient teacher, Tim Clinch.

    The workshop was one of the best creative experiences I've ever had. Tim was able to convey reams of information about using light, handling a camera, staging an image and post editing for the best results. He did it in a way that was always encouraging, clear and understandable.

    Over the five days Tim brought us from simple set ups to more complex shooting with very limited light to working effectively in a "live" environment like a tapas bar or farmers market. The pace was perfect too. In true Spanish style we worked in the morning for four or five hours, ate lunch and had a siesta until about 5 in the evening. Then, refreshed, we worked another three or so hours until it was time for cocktails (or picture editing depending on your diligence).

    The setting and the food also made taking pictures seem easy. Sam and Jeannie Chesterton built and own Finca Buen Vino and host these photography workshops, but cookery workshops as well. The food was of the region and delicious.
    Everywhere you look at Finca Buen Vino there's colour and light and texture that made taking a good picture that much easier.

    Without reservation, I can highly recommend Tim and his photography workshops and would happily attend again given the opportunity."
    DIANE TAPSCOTT - Food Blogger, San Francisco USA
    "A huge component of the workshop was learning how to use Lightroom. I have had this on my computer for an embarrassingly long time. I’ve been scared to use it.
    Too many tutorials I have read made it sound way too complicated and I am a hands-on learner so a book or an online tutorial isn’t the best way for me to learn.
    But watching Tim work magic in Lightroom with literally a few clicks – he doesn’t spend very long editing pictures – as he says, “you can’t make a bad photo good in post-processing, but you CAN make a good photo better”, so it makes sense to work hard to get the best shot you can in your camera and then just make it better in post-processing – resulted in a huge WOW factor."
    MARDI MICHAELS - Food Blogger 'eat live travel write' – Canada
    What an  amazing experience! Tim’s enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism knows no  bounds and is shared in a friendly, infectious manner.
     Help and advice were flowing freely throughout the day and I can categorically state that my  photography has improved immeasurably since!
     Tim still takes the time to comment on my work on social media sites, the mark of a true professional who cares about past workshop delegates and doesn't just "take the money and run."
     I, for  one, will be booking another workshop with Tim, soon!"
    PAUL RODGERS-Yorkshire, UK